According to the 2010 Population Census (INEGI): there are 16,990 inhabitants, 51.12% male and 49.14% female. School-age child population accounts for 22%

The ”Las Hormigas” work takes place at the neighborhood called Puerto Anapra. Its name originates in Asociacion Nacional de Productores Agricolas (National Association of Agricultural Producers) -hence its initials- a group devoted to livestock farming in an arid, desert area on the outskirts of North-East Ciudad Juarez.






50.59% are citizens born at the entity; the rest, almost half, come from other communities and cities in the Mexican republic (Chihuahua, Coahuila, Durango, Zacatecas, Chiapas, Oaxaca, Veracruz, among others).


It was an “adjoining area” of Ciudad Juarez due to its location outside the city; it belongs to the populational distrito 1 area of Ciudad Juarez where the largest number of inhabitants with VERY LOW level of well being, according to data gathered by INEGI’s 2010 populational Census, is found.


It has a common border with the states of Texas and New Mexico. The main street is connected with the international Santa Teresa bridge.


According to the 2010 Population Census (INEGI): there are 16,990 inhabitants; 51.12% male and 49.14% female.


School-age child population accounts for 22%.

• Government primary schools in the area: 4, only two of which have a morning and evening shift. One primary school is private.


• The state government built and opened in 2009 the Centro Avanzado de Atencion Primaria a la Salud (CAAPS Unidad Medica) to provide physical health care in this community.


• A community center was also built in 2012, offering different classes: tae kwan do, hairstyling, open secondary and highschool education, cake decoration, nail application.


• Only one Secondary school and only one Highschool.


• In 2011, a Technological University was opened.


• There is only one recreational park, opened in 2014.


• Only 6 of its almost 60 streets are paved.


• In 2015, very few families have hired drainage services, the rest have septic tanks or discard their water on the street.


• 6 out of every 10 families have one member working as an operator in the maquiladora industry.


• Only one route of urban buses provides services to this neighborhood connecting it with the city: route 10.


Anapra is located between three states, two of them are from USA  and  Chihuahua from México.

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