Each donor means a strength to the Organization and a social support which consolidates the fundamental mission of Las Hormigas.


The HORMIGA NETWORK gathers the people, families, groups and foundations who decide to invest their money in the projects enlivened by the Las Hormigas A.C. Team.  During the last few years, 6 small Mexican corporations have faithfully supported us as well as 35 individual donors  from Ciudad Juarez, Merida, Guadalajara, and Leon.


Each donor is makes our organization stronger and is critical to continuing the mission of Las Hormigas. In 2014, the Hormiga Network accounted for 7.5% of its yearly income.  Financial contributions made to Las Hormigas allow us to continue serving the community of Anapra and northwest of Ciudad Juárez, and by doing so allow us to continue our mission of sowing education, selfawareness and dignity in Ciudad Juarez.


A lot of people have been part or are part of the current Hormiga network:


Significantly, Las Hormigas Comunidad en Desarrollo A.C. has received financing for the last 5 years from groups and Foundations in the United States such as Miguel Pro Mission (Colorado), “Dar con Sacrificio” project by the San Bernardino Diocese (California), Living Wage Coalition (San Francisco), Compassion Beyond Borders (New Mexico); as well as from other countries: Oak Foundation (Switzerland) and Adveniat (Germany).


From Mexico: S-Mart (Ciudad Juarez), Fondo Unido Chihuahua, Sociedad Mexicana Pro Derechos de la Mujer A.C. (Semillas, Federal District), and Catholic Relief Services (CRS-Mexico).


These contributions have accounted for around 60% of the Organizational budget during the last five years.

Thanks for walking on our side and being counterparts in this wonderful work!

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Tus donativos son muy importantes para nosotros

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